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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Outdoor Week!

On Monday we took part in a Skip2BFit session. We had to skip for 2 minutes using special counting skipping ropes.

The more we practised the better our skipping became!

Throughout the week we have completed Balance Bike training in the big playground.


We have been learning camping skills with Ben Bullen.

We all had a go at being "ActivKids".

We learnt what it means to be Fire Fighter Fit and it was hard work!

We prepared ourselves for sports day with a lesson in Cheerleading.

On Wednesday we walked to Danson Park to have a Teddy Bears Picnic.
We enjoyed playing games on the grass, visiting the play park and enjoying a picnic with our favourite teddy!

A big thank you to all of the adults who accompanied us to the park.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

What have we been up to in Caterpillar Class?

We have been very busy in Caterpillar class over the past few weeks. Have a look below at what we've been up to...

We finished off our fantastic Space topic recently by thinking of and writing  some very inquisitive questions:

We had such fun in our Space station role play area. We even displayed some of our brilliant space research homework in there.

We have been very busy, recently, practising our handwriting and letter formation, as we know how important it is to have clear writing for everyone to be able to read.

Image result for supertato

I think all of Caterpillar class would agree in saying that 'Supertato' has definitely been one of our favourite topics.

We were so surprised when we received a letter from Supertato, asking for our help:

We had great fun, doing our best, to help Supertato catch that Evil Pea!

As part of our early morning work, we have been looking at identifying the 'odd one out'. We are getting really good at identifying and explaining our reasons.

Last week, we really enjoyed it when year 3 came down to read to us!

We loved sharing our favourite stories and even got the chance to impress the year 3 children with our fabulous reading skills too.

Sunday, 24 June 2018


This term, we have been learning about minibeasts. We began with reading and sequencing the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We also had a go at making our very own story books!

We then went on to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and acted out the different stages.

We received our own caterpillars in the post and have been watching them grow.

We enjoyed painting our own butterflies, too! 

Another story we looked at is The Very Hungry Spider. After reading the story, we looked in information books and on the computer to find out facts about spiders. Having discussed internet safety, we learned that the male spider is the one who spins the web and the female then lays her eggs there. Male spiders are smaller than females and could be eaten afterwards! 

Most spiders have 8 eyes but some have up to 12. Just look at our many eyed arachnids!

And here is another one made from clay.

We were very excited to begin Forest School this term. Two weeks into it, we have become real experts and explorers.

We are all in agreement that hot chocolate (or water) and a biscuit is the best part!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Supertato to the rescue!

The children in reception had a fantastic week of activities themed around the story Supertato!

The Evil Pea visited our classroom and played mean tricks on the vegetables!
Oh no! Carrot has been stuck to the whiteboard!
The Evil Pea wrote words using a special invisible pen which we had to use a magic torch to read!
He has written tricky words - my, you, are, she.
In our Outside Area the Evil Pea had done mean things to our favourite characters and we became Police Officers and reported what we saw at the crime scene!
Somebody has drawn on Elsa's face and Fireman Sam has been tied to the fence!
Using construction resources we worked together to make traps to catch the Evil Pea!
If we move this bit the Evil Pea will get trapped inside!
There were Evil Peas hidden in jelly which he had to rescue using the tweezers.

We wrote our own fantastic Supertato stories!

 We peeled potatoes using potato peelers - we discovered it was tricky to do but we kept on trying!
Mrs Winter cooked the potatoes and then we mashed them, describing the changes to the potatoes once they had been cooked.
The potatoes are soft now they are cooked.